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The Eptamed Equilibratore®, unique and original

A flexible device which, through Eptamed’s technology and thanks to qualified professionals, balances the altered functions of the mouth and subsequently harmonises the dental arches.  The benefits go beyond aesthetics as functional improvements affect the whole body.
Presentazione di un Equilibratore Eptamed

Over 100 different models

Every smile is different
and is waiting to become special

Our Equilibratore® is ideal for:

Interceptive orthodontics for children

Adult orthodontics

Orthodontics for young people

Back pain

Snoring and Apnoeas

Bruxismus and Teeth grinding


Dizziness and Tinnitus

Mouth Breathing

Atypical swallowing

Lingual Orthodontics

Sports People

TMJ pain

Speed up and harmonise the action of braces and transparent aligners


Find out if you can use our Equilibratori® ⏩

Send us:

  • a front photo;
  • a right and left lateral photo;
  • an open-mouth photo of the lower arch.

Verify if you can use our Equilibratori® on your patients ⏩

For a more accurate evaluation of the case, send us:

  • a dental overview;
  • a teleradiography;
  • a 3D scan or a plaster model.

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We are at your disposal for any further information


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