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Equilibrium is your harmony

Ideal in interceptive orthodontics
Speeds up traditional orthodontic treatments
Excellent in reducing cervical neck pain and muscle tension
Contributes to improving sporting performance and preventing injuries

The Eptamed Balancer, unique and original

A natural method for the equilibrium of the whole body

A unique device which, through Eptamed’s technology and thanks to qualified professionals, rebalances the altered functions of the mouth and subsequently harmonises the dental arches.  The benefits go beyond aesthetics as functional improvements affect the whole of the body.

  • Improves nasal respiration
  • Harmonises phonation
  • Improves swallowing
  • Rebalances dental arches
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • 100% Italian technology

Articles and Publications

Eptamed Courses and Events

More than 20 meetings per year

Training courses, Continuing Medical Professional Development courses and events designed for doctors and healthcare professionals.

Ivano Benvegnù interview (Español)

Verona Stebih interview (Croatian)

Annalaura Longo interview (Italian)

Dora Stebih interview (English)

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