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Esempio di uso degli Equilibratori Eptamed

Eptamed balancer

The balancer is a functional mobile device that, through the dental repositioning guides and thanks to its elasticity, is able to rebalance the altered functions of the mouth, transmitting to the teeth the reset input necessary to position itself in a balanced manner along the arches.

Girl 8 years, after 2 years
and 2 months of therapy

Boy 16 years old, after 2 years
and 1 month of therapy

Adult man,
after 13 months of treatment

Lack of upper premolars, bending skull, cross lateral ds. Therapy with G4 model and Aligners.

Adult man,
after 12 months of treatment

Correction and expansion of both arches, correction with G4 model and Aligners.

5 year old girl, class III
after 7 months of treatment

performed by Dr. Nicchiotti Liana

10 year old girl
after 10 months of treatment

Class I, open bite

Adult man
after 1 year and 4 months of treatment

Performed by Dr. Cova

10 year old girl
after 16 months of treatment

Class II, deep bite
Performed by Dr. Samar Labib Wassili

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