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Since every person and every mouth is different, the equilibriodontics therapy involves many variations of sequences, modifications and exercises in order to obtain the best possible result. These procedures, due to their complexity, can only be taught through our training courses.

Simplified basic protocol in Equilibriodontics to treat patients over 10 years of age in class I and II.
2-year complete functional orthodontic therapy example:
(total number of Balancers 7, total number of visits 9, recommended price to the patient Euro 3,900.00)

Example: sequence of dental balancers in class II patients over 10 years old valid for all arch forms:

C3 blue; C3P white; C3P orange; SL3 green


The balancers are chosen mainly on the basis of the dental class and on the basis of the shape of the lower arch. to treat a patient, especially an adult, and to obtain the best possible result, it is necessary to create a lineup of 2-3 balancers to be used every year for a period of about 2 years.

  • Ideal devices as a starter and to rebalance the TMJ: Universal series U3, U4.

  • Devices that best align the incisors: 1.3X, SL3X, the whole Q series, the whole 00 series, preferably green.

  • Jolly devices for class I and II if the shape of the arch and skull cannot be clearly defined: C3P and C4P.

At first glance, the balancers may seem similar and with the same characteristics. Although it is relatively simple to start using them, especially in children patients, if you want to learn how to treat every type of patient it will be necessary to undertake a careful study of the theory and a continuous practical commitment.
That is why Eptamed has 8 patents and 12 for innovative design.


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