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Why learn the Eptamed method?

It is a global method: nowadays seeing a single tooth at a time is too limiting. It is much more logical to see teeth and a mouth inside a patient.
It is the whole that must be taken care of: aligning a row of teeth is no longer of any use; in fact more than 70% of patients treated with fixed appliances experience the same dysfunctions within a few years.
Parents and patients are less and less likely to spend money on temporary solutions and still feel pain. The goal must be the health and well-being of our children.
A treatment with Eptamed method costs much less for the patient: in fact, the cost of the apparatus has very little effect on the cost of treatment for the dentist and the visits are less frequent than for fixed orthodontics.
It is a method that sees the person and his story at the center of the therapy: this greatly gratifies the patient.
It is a natural method: more and more people are eating naturally and want to pay close attention to everything that comes into contact with their body.
It is the method of the future: in 30-40 years it will be routine to treat children with non-invasive, mobile systems capable of acting on the basis of problems and not focused exclusively on symptoms (crooked teeth). Eptamed is the technology of the future!
Patients often talk to each other, confronting friends and acquaintances. For this reason, word of mouth is a solid column of our work: satisfied customers are the best advertising vehicle.
The collaboration between Odontologist, Osteopath and Speech Therapist is a winning key! With this method the problems are solved with a multi-professional approach and everything becomes easier, even for the patient.
In addition to technical and operational support, the professional is assisted commercially. Fundamental in the initial phase, when it is necessary to start a new form of activity.
It is modern, receives compliments from patients.
The Eptamed method simple, logical and intuitive. During the first visit all children can understand how it works.
The Eptamed device has the best certifications at European level (CE mark), is biocompatibility with oral tissues and provides a feeling of well-being.

Reviews from our Courses

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Dott.ssa Michela Pozzani (Italian interview)

Roselyne Cucchi (French Interview)

Ivano Benvegnù interview (Español)

Verona Stebih interview (Croatian)

Annalaura Longo interview (Italian)

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Tutorial Service for Equilibriodontics® Practitioners

The service includes all the material and assistance required to follow a patient over a treatment period of 16 months.

The collection and study of the plaster model, the choice of the first and subsequent two Equilibratori® to use over a 16 month period, including some potential modifications to adapt them to the patient, are at our expense. This all at an exceptional price.

With a minimum of ten participants we can also organize courses all over the world to teach you how to use our Equilibratori®.

Dentist, Osteopath, Speech Therapist, Orthoptist and Podiatrist. Collaborate for the patient's well-being!

Your balance is thanks to your smile. Well-being is the result of the balance of the body, linked to the perfect functioning of muscles, bones and organs.

Patients who improve their health are generally treated by professionals who are able to act on multiple parts of the body, specialists who pay attention to the organs and their functions.

The arrangement of teeth is often the cause of malaise and pain. Having crooked teeth means having problems in the functioning of the muscles surrounding the bones of the teeth (lips, tongue, cheeks etc.), means having a range of mobility of the bones of the skull outside the physiological. The dental professionals intervene to recover a correct arrangement of the teeth, for a better function in chewing and for aesthetic reasons.

The result of a good dental operation is also perceptible by effects such as an appropriate swallowing and the reduction of postural pains.

To improve the effectiveness of the interventions and optimize these beneficial effects – as suggested by scientific studies – it is important to work in teams alongside the professionalism of the Dentistry Physician, also that of professional Osteopathies and Speech Therapists. The Osteopata specifically has a vision of the general body, that is as a whole, therefore it is able to intervene on the mobility of the musculature and bones, in relation to those of the face and skull. The speech therapist acts on phonation and breathing, improving the movements of lips, tongue and facial muscles.

It is evident that the three figures correct functional aspects that are closely related to each other, and team work can enhance the intervention of each professional, guaranteeing effective and lasting results.

It is precisely from this perspective that Eptamed has chosen to operate and invest in Professionals who share the same approach to personal well-being and health.

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