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   What is Equilibriodonzia?

The Equilibriodonzia (Balancer) is an innovative orthodontic method which looks for functional equilibrium of the mouth through natural, non-invasive methods.  By functional equilibrium of the mouth, we mean asymptomatic  and balanced movement (lateral and protrusive).

In a situation of equilibrium the TMA joint (jaw joint) must also be asymptomatic , which means no clicking or sounds when opening and closing the mouth.  The basic methodology in the research of such equilibrium is based on the use of a unique, soft and elastic device.  Its journey was born from the knowledge that malocclusions are always linked to a change in the functions of the oral cavity, and this in turn has profound repercussions on general health and posture.  In fact, the development of the mouth is determined by its functions, which are organised starting from:

  • The thirteenth week of intrauterine life, with the start of swallowing;
  • Birth, with respiration and suction;
  • The appearance of milk teeth, with chewing.


Equilibrium and harmony are the objectives of the Equilibriodonzia, which takes the legacy of the tradition of functionalism and integrates it with the most recent scientific acquisitions.


The recognition of a link between altered vital functions and the appearance of organic illnesses can even be traced back to Hippocrates and it has been a continued subject of study up to today.  Ten years of experience has permitted the observation of a systematic relationship between an unbalanced mouth (and therefore a functional anomaly) and diverse illnesses, amongst which:

  • Headaches
  • Painful areas in the spine and joints 
  • Dyslexia, attention deficit and hyperactivity
  • Ear, nose and throat (ENT) illnesses  
  • Snoring and apnoeas
  • Problematic allergies
  • Balance problems

The oral cavity is also fundamentally shown for the plasticity of the nervous system: the salivary glands produce diverse factors of nerve growth and the discovery of neurogenesis in the adult brain suggests that the possibility of neuroplasticity is greater than initially thought.

From a therapeutic point of view, the Equilibriodonzia takes advantage of non-invasive functional portable systems, the MEA Balancers, which represent the most up-to-date evolution of Soulet-Besombes’ activators.

In contrast to similar products on the market:

  • they are available in four different non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials, of different hardness;
  • they withstand modifications that are introduced in order to provide new stimulation and they are indispensible for therapeutic success.

Treatment with the MEA Balancers determines the efficient re-education of the vital functions of the oral cavity, through which harmonisation of the mouth is obtained, with profound positive consequences on the systemic health of the whole body.


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